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Our Story

Steeped in a rich media background our team has come together years ago with the single goal to thrive and grow a needed business that serves to higher degree the needs of the clients we work with. We are all driven to make our clients marketing and media experiences smarter and with better results. What was started in 2005 continues to grow and evolve as reaching consumers becomes more and more complex. Built on trust and largely through referrals, we have made a community of our clients and enjoyed the friendships that come through service.

Our Mission

We simply must perform and deliver better results for our clients. We uncover and chase goals on our clients behalf never satisfied until targets are met. We will bring a higher level of a digital experience than what could be imagined without our direction.

We will earn your trust through communication and smart actions.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of media and design gurus who are fueled by breaking down the barriers and getting straight to businesses. All working parts have 10 years plus in media planning, design, branding execution and optimising message delivery.


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With over 25 years of media experience, mostly in the Promotional Marketing field and with numerous milestones achieved, Barry Close started his own agency in 2005 and now celebrates more than a decade of providing service to businesses on the move.