What was once BClose Marketing

                                    and then MAXPoint Media, is now





            Redgate Digital

The launch of Redgate Digital

October 1, 2015

What started out at BClose Marketing became a reality at a time when advertising agencies were getting caught up in the "spin and spend" mentality of the early 2000's. What seemed to be missing was real service and having an agency paying close attention to what mattered and less about taking risks with low to no rewards. That service model worked for a time and growth was certainly positive but along that way there was a great need for a more senior media buying agency and that is when MAXPoint Media took effect and has been in place for nearly a decade.


MAXPoint Media started out with providing a more rounded common sense approach to traditional media, TV, Print, Radio, and grew from that platform. Over the years, that model and growth started to move into a whole other realm, a realm of digital media that has been out performing traditional media for most of the later part of the last decade with double digit growth every year.


It was over the last year that we had to reevaluate where the industry is going and where our clients are finding the most success and that of course has taken us into the digital media placement world in a much stronger way and with great interest. Customers are becoming far more educated before they even walk through a client's door, if they ever even actually walk in the door, with the ease and security of ordering online or information gathering without having to physically be on site. This has changed everything to a point where our company has equipped itself with the knowledge needed to help coach our clients into what all these new media options can provide and opening new avenues to better targeted media dollar spends and reaching customers far for more effectively.


Our initial goal of providing "real service" has not changed and are are excited to see how the world is changing and therefore Redgate Digital is a natural progression of our original vision. Thank you for joining us in this journey and we expect the learning to be never ending as well as our need to provide smarter service to the clients we cherish so greatly!




Barry Close, Media Specialist



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With over 25 years of media experience, mostly in the Promotional Marketing field and with numerous milestones achieved, Barry Close started his own agency in 2005 and now celebrates more than a decade of providing service to businesses on the move.